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Load Bank

The load bank is required for periodic exercising and testing of the (standby) emergency power source ( like-UPS, GENERATOR and any AC 230v/415v ). The load bank shall be portable with casters, forced air cooled and shall have a local control panel.

Factory testing of engine generator sets

To reduce "wet stacking" problems

UPS system testing

Battery system testing

Ground power testing

Factory testing of turbines

Periodic exercising of stand-by engine generator sets

Load optimization in prime power applications

Engineering Specification

Load KW/Bank Steps to Load Testing Volts at 3 Phase Testing Volts at 1 Phase Mech Dimension-mm/(H*W*D)Wt-approx
110 KW 30Kw/3P*2, 18Kw/3P*1, 4.5Kw/1P*3,
2Kw/1P*3, 1Kw/1P*3, .5Kw/1P*6
415V+/_10% 230V+/_10% 1300*800*1000, 240 Kgs
75 KW 27Kw/3P*1 ,24Kw/3P*1, 4Kw/1P*3
1Kw/1P*3, .5Kw/1P*3
415V+/_10% 230V+/_10% 1300*650*1000, 170Kgs
30 KW 12Kw/3P*2, 6Kw/3P*1, 1Kw/1P*3,
415V+/_10% 230V+/_10%